On this page you can find some opinions on Davide Rocca and Rocca Riders Luxury Limousine Service.

I met Davide four years ago. I had just landed at the airport of Linate and the driver I had contacted had not shown up.

It was late and Davide was returning home but still not knowing he still took the call and came to “save me”.

It has since become the only person in charge to take me around the world. We walked all over Italy and several European cities to date totaling over 210,000 kilometers that on balance are 5 times around the world.

His dedication to the work and care that puts in what he does have meant it became without delay my only driver, responsible for 100% of my dramatic life always traveling and made frequent travels.

I would say that 5 times around the world together are a good starting point to be serene when you drop a witness and my left is from the heart.

For anyone who is a business man like me, always running, always out of breath and often with little time to think, Davide and his company are a key resource to stay focused on the job even as you move from one part of the city, Italy or moving on international routes.

Or even when you land at the airport tired from a long trip and you do not want to worry about anything except to go home with the best service and comfort.


Organize business trips is always a waste of time and considerable energy and often the journey leaves dissatisfied with effort and wasted time, that does not leave room to work satisfactorily.

With Davide I found extreme professionalism, courtesy, punctuality, extreme comfort.

I Highly recommend it to anyone traveling on business.

Silvia Andreani

I found Davide a while ago, I call him every time I get to the airport.

It is always punctual and polite, but mostly I have always found the machine clean and tidy.

Thanks to him I do not have to worry about where to park the car.

Highly recommended.

Matteo Cortazzi

Traveling with Davide I have found a skilled and attentive to any my need.

Then the cars, Mercedes Class E and Class S are exceptional, new and well-maintained …

Impeccable professionalism and punctuality of Davide and especially, what nn negligible, the serenity with which performs the service.

I highly recommend it to all, congratulations !!

Simone Lamperti

I remember well when I met Davide, was in April of 2014. In that period I traveled a lot in the various branches of our company spread all over Italy.

I have always found in Davide benchmark one that allowed me to completely eliminate any concern related to the movements and the organization of the trips (certainly not my forte). This allowed me to leave with a clear head from such thoughts and focus 100% on the goal of the day.

It ‘s really been a fundamental support and I believe it is for anyone in a similar situation. Talking to some colleagues are aware of some disruptions (such unacceptable delays and lack of professionalism and confidentiality) that have met in several drivers. With the contrary Davide I never had any problem. It ‘s really a guarantee.

I particularly remember an episode in which we have taken a good scare. We were in direct motorway to Padua and a guy at one point invades our lane completely unexpectedly. The impact seemed safe but Davide (I do not know how) managed to avoid it with the readiness that only such a professional is able to demonstrate.

From that point on, I was even more sure that his company is the only sensible choice for those who do not want to have any kind of problem and must devote to work in peace.

Marco Lutzu

Davide is truly the top professionals.

He literally “saved his life” more opportunities allowing me not to skip important business appointments with extreme availability and punctuality.

Reliable, discrete, punctual and “solver” problems.
You can not really get much better.

Marco Postiglione

I live in Lugano and I often having to move to Milan for shopping or to go out at night.

Since I do not like move or by public transport or in my car, both for traffic issues of parking, often I call Davide to take me.

His service is absolutely impeccable, he is very kind and his cars are absolutely high level and make you feel at ease.

I especially recommend to women who have to move the evening to rely on its services, which are managed in absolute cuteness, even for short trips.

Elisabetta Ruffino

It happened sometimes use Davide Chauffeur service in a stunning car like the Mercedes S-Class, or Minivan traveling with more people.

The thing that struck me the most is not only the perfect service, on-time level, privacy and tranquility in the way you travel, but above all the availability of Davide for every need and in order to have a chat. Council to try this service, because traveling and feeling refreshed upon arrival really tremendous value !!!!

Lorenzo Angelini

I usually travel for work with my private car, but for some time I have used Davide Chauffeur Service.

It was an incredible discovery, the luxury service, I made a trip along more than 500km and tried an extreme comfort.

When I left I was tired but I got much rested.

He was also hit in the little things, such as water service.

The medium is absolutely super, is a Mercedes S-Class

You can not get any better than to travel, try it.

Matteo Morri

Whenever I had to go from Varese Malpensa airport I was afraid to miss the flight.

With public transport it was a disaster, there are no direct trains from Varese and you have to wait for connection at Saronno or Busto Arsizio.

This means spending at least an hour and a half to make only 39km.

Among canceled trains and delays of 30-40 minutes I risked several times to miss the flight.

As long as I have known Davide and I stopped worrying about getting to the airport.

With Davide you can travel with peace of mind, without the anxiety of being late even if I book a driver only 2 hours before the trip.

Stefano Aiello

I am happy to use Davide chauffeur services, timely and available.

I started with short routes: transfers from home to the airport or train stations.

No thought to park, to drive short maximum freedom ‘.

This year with the whole family we have chosen to bring us up to Cecina, with bags and children the journey to the sea ‘was more’ serene.

The holidays have started earlier, as soon as we closed the door. THANK YOU

Enzo Terracciano

Davide or no-one! I never found something better. Reliability, punctuality .. virtually flawless!

Tiziano Stampete

Great service, professionalism and attention to details.

Michele Sabatino

Always ready and always available following both my business and family needs.

Fabrizio Iodice Delgado