chauffeur guaranteed

Rocca Riders is the first Italian chauffeur service 100% guaranteed.

If we are five minutes late, the ride is free.

I can’t stand, and I am sure you can’t stand too, late taxis.

More than once I waited for a taxi twenty, thirty minutes in the freezing wind and snow.

But sometimes they did not came at all.

That’s why I decided to solve the problem once and for all, giving to my service a 100% guarantee.

If one of our chauffeurs comes with 5  minutes late after your pickup time, we refund you IMMEDIATELY the whole price.

While some Chauffeur Service tries to offers you a gift card or giving you a second journey for free, I decided to show my seriousness and professionalism giving you the refund immediately.

In this way you can be sure that you will always receive an exclusive welcome service from us.