Hello and welcome on Rocca Riders blog!

If this is the first time you visit this website, let me introduce myself.

My name is Davide Rocca, and I am the owner of Rocca Riders, the first luxury limousine service in Italy 100% guaranteed:

If we are 5 minutes late, the journey is free.

I know you’re very busy and do not want to waste your time, so I come right to the point: What Rocca Riders?

Rocca Riders is Luxury Limousine Service with Chauffeur dedicated to Companies and Professionals who frequently travel in Italy for business.

If there’s one thing I could not stand, and I’m sure not even bear you, are taxis that arrive late.

It happened several times to wait twenty or thirty minutes, a taxi to the cold and frost.

Not to mention when they decided to let me walk and not just show up.

This is why I decided to solve the problem at its root, and add a 100% guarantee to my service.

If one of our drivers comes with 5 minutes later than the agreed time, we’ll refund the entire race suffered.

I do it because I want to clearly distinguish myself from all other services that you can find in this area.

While some other Chauffeur Hire Service tries to be clever by offering you a gift certificate or giving you a second trip free, I decided to show my seriousness and professionalism immediately reimbursing the scheduled race.

This way you can be sure that you will always receive an exclusive welcome service.

Why stop traveling with Taxi Traditional and rely on Rocca Riders?

When I traveled I was always in a hurry, I was always in a hurry and had no time to relax.

The move from city to city, or from the airport when moving in international voyages, are often a waste of time, because you can not either to rest or to stay focused at work.

I traveled by taxi for so many years, and when I returned from a trip by plane, I did not want to worry about anything except to go home comfortably and smoothly.

Probably, the same goes for you too.

With Rocca Riders, you can give yourself a stylish service, refined and exclusive.

You’ll be stunned by the welcome you will be given, and broadcast it a professional image and attentive to every detail.

I wanted to create a rental service with private driver for professionals and businesses.

I achieved everything I ever wanted as a regular customer and private taxi drivers.

I have always been based on quality, courtesy, customer … I did everything for my clients, but I have never found a taxi that would offer me a live service.

This thing for you is extraordinary because you can buy yourself and your family if you travel often, a UNIQUE service of its kind, based on years of firsthand experience and suggestions received from other professionals.

You can avoid all the problems that I have had to suffer every day.